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Ed Cooley on College Hoops Today Podcast

Ed Cooley Closeup

Ed Cooley was the guest on Jon Rothstein’s College Hoops Today podcast on Monday in what was an insightful interview. Cooley address how he has approached being away from his team during the COVID-19 pandemic, his thoughts on the murder of George Floyd, his personal experiences with racism, Al Skinner’s influence, UConn joining the Big East, and breaking down next year’s PC squad.

9:45 mark: on George Floyd’s death

12:00: Cooley’s personal experiences with racism

14:10: his opinions on the lack of African American head coaches in college basketball

17:00: what he learned from Al Skinner

19:50: thoughts on transfers potentially becoming immediately eligible and how this could impact Bryce Goodine and Ed Croswell

22:30: Breaking down the current roster, with his high expectations for Jared Bynum and Noah Horchler and potential breakouts for AJ Reeves, David Duke, and Nate Watson

24:40: UConn’s return to the Big East, his friendship with Dan Hurley, and why he thinks this is a positive step for the Big East

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