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A Closer Look: Bobby Pettiford Jr.

Bobby Pettiford The Butner-Creedmoor News

Prospect: Bobby Pettiford, Jr. 

Position: Athletic Point Guard

High School: South Granville (NC)

AAU Program: CP3

Class: 2021

Overview: The only thing slowing the stock of Bobby Pettiford Jr. seems to be COVID-19. Providence offered the class of 2021 point guard in early May, and his list of suitors seemingly grows by the day. The 6’0 Pettiford is considered a top 150 prospect in the class of ’21, but a better indicator of a prospect’s value is what other schools are in pursuit. Pettiford is now being recruited by Louisville, Ole Miss, Virginia Tech, Xavier, Marquette, Tulsa, Houston, and more, after a season in which he averaged 21.8 points, 6.0 rebounds, 7.4 assists, and three steals per game. His South Granville team finished undefeated for the first time in school history before falling in the postseason.

Pettiford provides explosive athleticism (both speed and bounce) as well as strength from the point guard position. He finishes above the rim and through contact. Pettiford’s jump shot remains the biggest question mark, but Phenom Hoops Report writer Jamie Shaw notes that he made strides in that regard, knocking down 45 deep ones as a junior (albeit making them at a low 30s% clip). Shaw, one of the most trusted recruiting sources in North Carolina, notes that Pettiford can play at a high speed, while doing so under control.

Shaw believes Pettiford can become the top point guard in the state of North Carolina in the class of 2021. He describes Pettiford as a crowd-pleasing, breathtaking athlete, while noting that the biggest areas of improvement in his game will be refining his jump shot and developing a set of floaters needed to finish over bigger defenders at the next level.

The Bottom Line: Pettiford can be best described as a one man fast break. Countless reports highlight the flair in which he plays the game, using high level athleticism and accurate passing to enthrall those who have watched him live. His stock took off over the past year. Phenom Hoops Report covers the Carolina high school scene in amazing detail and they did not have him as a top five point guard in his class at this time last year. Now he may be the best in the state. 

Pettiford looks to be a priority for the Providence staff, and the feeling is apparently mutual, as Pettiford has spoken glowingly about Ed Cooley and his staff in recent weeks. Cooley can point to the success he has had with point guards who had game changing speed, like Kris Dunn, Kyron Cartwright, or Derek Needham, who Cooley coached at Fairfield.


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