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Friar Starting Five: Weekend Edition

Cooley Iona Presser

Here are links to five topics from the past week that may be of interest to Friar fans:

1. NBA player Carmelo Anthony mourns Gerald Brown, basketball player and comic killed in Baltimore.

2. In Praise of Doris Burke, Basketball’s Best TV Analyst.

3. Providence College has announced that this year’s Late Night Madness will take place at the Dunkin Donuts Center:

4. Q & A with four star guard and key Friar recruit Earl Timberlake.

5. John Rooke has some interesting takes in his weekly Thinking Out Loud column.

Off the Bench

24/7 Sports: The Best Shooting Guards in College Basketball for the 2019-2020 Season.

Eric Bossi: NBPA Top 100 Camp; The Bossi Awards.




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  1. Derec Lamendola

    June 17, 2019 at 3:28 am

    Providence College Men’s Basketball This iS Nate Waston And That’s Him And Ed Cooley And Becusee TO Get
    Redey For The Week Monday Tuesday Wedensday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday And Get Redey And Becusee Summer IS Hear All Redey And We Need TO Get ALOT BIGER And Becusee I’m Am All Redey For This Year And
    Becusee I Hard That Providence College Men’s Basketball iS Going Be Relae Good This Year Ugen And Bscusee We Are Unbelievable I Can’t NOT Befle IS Aromst PC All Redey And Becusee I Think IS And Becusee I’m Am Redey For Providence College Men’s Basketball Seoasn Derec Lamendola iS Geting Redey And Providence College Men’s Basketball How MY Man Luwane Pipkins And How HE Doing And Tell Luwane Pipkins I Sed HIT The Gyim And Geting Redey For This Seoasn And Derec Lamendola SO That Video And IT Was Unbelievable Good Video And Becusee I Sed Lets DO,Ugen And Provicence College Men’s Basketball Nedds The Full Scheduile And Provicence College Men’s Basketball IS Geting Redey And Providence College Men’s Basketball Needs A Full Scheduile For The 2019 2020 And I Won’t The Full Scheduile UP On The Providence Colllege Mens Basketball Website And Bscusee I Womt To See The Full Scheduile And Starting This Week I Won’t Providence College Men’s Basketball Ge A BIG East Conference Full Scheduile UP And Becusee SO That WIll Be Good Help Aomrst MY Anniversary Tuesday And Becusee I’m Am Celebrating And Becusee I’m Am Celebrating And We Need The Provicence College Men’s Basketball Scheduile UP And Bscusee Derec Lamendola iS Wating For The BIG East Full Scheduile And Tjing Omg IS Hear All Reeeh And Becusee I’m Am Redey Sunmer IS Finle Hear All Redey Who’s Redey For Summer And We Need TO Work OUT And Can I Jus Telll You Something This iS NOT Summer WORK OUTS You Know I Meen Right IS NOT You Need TO Do Something And Plerys Help Me OUT This Year Becusee I’m Am Meen IT Guays Now Are

    Providence College Men’s Basketball Nedds A Full Scheduile And Bscusee I’m Am Redey And I Womt Providence College Men’s Basketball Needs TO GO Back To School Erle This Summer Starting This Friday GO Back And Open UP Your Droms And Than SO We Can Get Going You Know I Meen Provicence College Men’s Basketball Thing Omg Ed Cooley iS Satying AT Providence College Men’s Basketball And He Speend Home We Need Ed Cooley Live Hear Fof His All Liefe I Won’t Providence College Men’s Basketball Be On The TV And TO Get IT Going And Becusee I Miss The Ed Cooley Coschis Show We Need To Figer IT OUT Thing Omg Emmittt Holt IS Satying Providence College Men’s Basketball Thing Omg Has A Graduation Stuent Are You Redey For Provicence College Men’s Basketball I Won’t IT On TV And The NBC 10 News And I Won’t Seoasn Tickies On Salle On The Tv Plerys And Think You

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