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On Creighton and New England Freshmen Impacting the Big East

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New England prep schools were strongly represented in Creighton’s 79-68 win over Providence on Monday night. At one point in the second half, five former NEPSAC stars were on the floor at the same time — PC’s Alpha Diallo (Brewster Academy), Makai Ashton-Langford (Brewster Academy), and David Duke (Cushing Academy), and Creighton’s Kaleb Joseph (Cushing Academy) and Marcus Zegarowski (Tilton School).

I’ve been an unabashed Zegarowski fan after watching him star at Tilton the last two years. His first scholarship offer came in 2015 from former Friar assistant, and now Towson head coach, Pat Skerry, and by 2017 the high major offers came flooding in. Zegarowski turned himself into a borderline top 100 recruit (#100 on ESPN, #110 on 247) by the end of his prep career and there’s a fair argument he should have been rated even higher.

Last season Zegarowski was named NEPSAC AA Player of the Year, and led Tilton to the AA title. Tilton defeated a St. Andrew’s team that featured Villanova freshman Cole Swider and Syracuse pledge Brycen Goodine in the championship. Prior to the final, Zegarowski scored an astounding 57 points in the AA semifinals against a talented South Kent squad (St. Andrew’s pulled out a narrow win in the other semifinal over Duke and Cushing).

Yesterday, we saw a little bit of everything that makes Zegarowski so good. He’s blindingly quick with the ball, finished a tough lefty layup, made a pair of contested 3s, and sealed the win for Creighton with a steal at the 3:30 mark. PC had just cut Creighton’s lead to seven on an Ashton-Langford 3, and got a stop on the ensuing possession, but Zegarowski anticipated the play and came flying in for the swipe. His instincts and quickness were on full display on that play.

Between AJ Reeves, Duke, Swider, Zegarowski, and Anthony Nelson (Seton Hall/South Kent), the New England class of 2018 will be well represented in the Big East. And with that these players will have been competing against each other in high school, the summer circuit, and in college.

Kris Dunn spoke last week of how much he disliked Villanova’s Ryan Arcidiacono during their college days (the two are now teammates in Chicago), and it isn’t hard to imagine that these kids from the 2018 New England class will be pretty sick of seeing each other by the end of their college careers. Swider ended Duke’s season last year, Zegarowski ended Swider’s and Nelson’s, and the year prior Duke’s Cushing team beat Tilton and Zegarowski in the championship

We saw a bit more edge from Duke yesterday, who was more aggressive offensively in the second half.

Joseph buried a big second half 3 that must have felt good. PC recruited Joseph heavily before he committed to Syracuse. After Joseph transferred following his sophomore season a source outside of the Providence program told me that Joseph expressed interest in coming to PC, but the feeling was not reciprocated. The hard feelings may have passed over time, but the source insisted they certainly existed at the time.

While Joseph graduates this spring, the freshmen from New England have the makings of foundational players in the Big East. Reeves won three of the first four newcomer of the week awards before injuring his foot, Duke has been a starter from day one, and Zegarowski is averaging more than 10 points per game while shooting over 50% from the field and from 3. Playing time hasn’t been as plentiful for Swider or Nelson, but rest assured the highly-touted Swider will eventually have an impact with his shooting acumen.

Friar fans won’t have to wait long to see another member of New England’s class of 2018. Villanova comes to the Dunk on Saturday and Seton Hall will be at Providence in mid-January.


After going 4-14 from 3-point range in the first half, Creighton buried nine 3s in the second. That includes a stretch in which they hit nine of ten. As a team, the Bluejays are shooting 52% from the field overall, just under 45% from 3, and make 12 threes a game. Against PC, Creighton hit 13 threes, making them at a shade under 45%…

A troubling sign for Providence was their inability to score against a team that is last in field goal percentage defense in the Big East (.455) by a fairly sizable margin. The Friars are currently shooting a league-worst .447 from the field. Reeves’ absence showed up on Monday…

Ed Cooley thought his team’s 10 day layoff may have played some role in their slow offensive start. Cooley also emphasized the fact that when his teams have been successful against Creighton in the past they’ve defended the arc well. Creighton went 7-27 from 3 in PC’s win at the Dunk last year, and 6-23 in the Big East Quarterfinals. The year prior Providence won in Omaha, as Creighton went 6-16 from deep…

PC isn’t going to win many games giving up nearly 40 points from beyond the arc…

Another day, another step forward for sophomore Makai Ashton-Langford. The Worcester native had 10 points and 3 assists, while making 2-4 from 3 off of the bench. Ashton-Langford and Maliek White (13 points, 6-11) continue to elevate their play in Reeves’ absence. White’s vicious dunk late in the first half woke what had been a sleepy crowd…

Alpha Diallo once against gave Creighton fits with an 18 point, 10 rebound double double, but PC failed to establish Nate Watson (2-3 from the floor), and Isaiah Jackson struggled (1-6) after putting together a pair of great games against the Jays last season.

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  1. Derec Lamendola

    January 2, 2019 at 4:58 am

    Providence College Men’s Baaketball Provdence College Men’s Baaketball Has To Do Something Hear Ugenst Villanova This Saturday And Ed Cooley Beddter Do MY Plerys This Week Tommerrrow Thursday Friday And We Need
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  2. Anonymous

    January 3, 2019 at 12:27 am

    Creighton’s guard play was better than the Friars and our bigs were invisible. Jackson was not himself at all. Creighton played quicker and with purpose. What hurt the Friars most, was their inability to stop Creighton from answering every big play the they made. Frustrating for fans but had to kill any MoJo PC may have had. Alpha, Duke and Makai were steady!! The rest not so much. Really is another learning experience for this very young team!! GO

  3. Derec Lamendola

    January 3, 2019 at 4:15 am

    That’s Righ And Becuaee And I Think That Providence College Men’s Basketball Has To Do Something Tommerrrow,
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