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Zero Gravity Prep Classic Schedule Released


The Zero Gravity Prep Classic will once again return to St. Andrew’s in Barrington, RI this season. The tournament takes place from Friday, Dec. 1 through Sunday, Dec. 3.

The Prep Classic will be especially interesting for Friar fans, as two members of their 2018 class, A. J. Reeves (Brimmer & May) and David Duke (Cushing Academy), will each play two games.

This year’s Prep Classic is loaded, as several of the top prep schools in New England and across the United States are participating.

Some of the programs that will be sending teams to the tournament include IMG Academy (both the prep and high school squads), Brewster Academy, Atheletes Institute (Canada), St. John’s Northwest Military Academy (Wisconsin), Putnam Science Academy, Northfield Mount Hermon, Our Savior, and London Basketball Academy.

Here is a list of PC recruits and players of interest playing in the Prep Classic:

  • A. J. Reeves, 6’6 SG, Brimmer & May, 2018 (commit)
  • David Duke, 6’4 PG, Cushing Academy, 2018 (commit)
  • Akok Akok, 6’8 PF, Putnam Science Academy, 2019
  • DeMarr Langford, 6’4 SF, Putnam Science Academy, 2020
  • Jaiden Delaire, 6’8 SF, Loomis Chafee, 2019
  • Wildens Leveque, 6’9 C, Gould Academy, 2019
  • Charles Coleman, 6’11 C, Dexter School, 2019
  •  Tyler Burton, 6’4 SF, Marianapolis Prep, 2019
  • Chris Herren Jr. 6’3 SG, Tabor Academy 2019
  • Preston Santos, 6’5 F, Brooks School
  • Noah Kamba, 6’0 PG, Dexter School, 2019
  • Taelon Martin, 6’3 PG, The Masters School, 2020

Some of the best high school talent in the country is scheduled to play as well:

  • Anfernee Simons, 6’3 CG, IMG Academy, 2018, #12 24/7 Sports (uncommitted)
  • Luguents Dort, 6’4 SG, Atheletes Institute, 2018, #30 24/7 Sports (Arizona State)
  • Sylvio DeSouza, 6’9 PF, IM G Academy, 2018, #31 24/7 Sports (Kansas)
  • Cole Swider, 6’8 SF, St. Andrew’s, 2018, #43 24/7 Sports (Villanova)
  • Cormac Ryan, 6’4 SG, Milton Academy, 2018, #60 24/7 Sports (Stanford)
  • Isaiah Mucius, 6’8 SF, Brewster Acad., 2018, #68 24/7 Sports (Wake Forrest)
  • Eric Ayala, 6’5 CG, IMG Academy, 2018, #76 24/7 Sports (Maryland)
  • Nate Laszewski, 6’9 SF, Northfield Mount Hermon, #91 24/7 Sports (Notre Dame)
  • Derek Culver, 6’8 PF, Brewster Academy, 2018, #92 24/7 Sports (West Virginia)
  • Chol Marial, 7’1 C, IMG Academy, 2019, #8 24/7 Sports
  • Josh Green, 6’5 SG, IMG Academy, 2019, # 26 24/7 Sports
  • Iran Trerout, 6’4 CG, Wilbraham & Monson, 2019, #100 24/7 Sports
  • Nate Tabor, 6’5 SF, Our Savior, 2020, #31 24/7 Sports
  • Hassan Diarra, 6’2 PG, Putnam Science Axademy, #37 24/7 Sports
  • Posh Alexander, 5’11 PG, Our Savior, #56 24/7 Sports

Games will take place on both the Sage Gym and Jones Gym courts on the St. Andrew’s campus. Here is the complete schedule:



3:30 Masters School v Cushing Academy

5:00 Dexter v. Athletes Institute

6:30 Bridgton Academy v. Beaver Country Day

8:00 South Kent v. IMG HS

9:30 Lee Academy v. Worcester Academy


3:00 IMG Prep v. SPIRE

4:30 Commonwealth Academy v. Knox School

6:00 Millbrook v. St. Luke’s School

7:30 Ridley College v. St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy

9:00 London Basketball Academy v. PSA Varsity




9:00 Athletes Institute v. St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy

10:30 Beaver Country Day v. Rocky Hill

12:00 Bridgton Academy v. Brimmer & May

1:45 Rivers School v. Loomis Chaffee

3:30 Brewster Academy v. Hotchkiss

5:00 St. Andrew’s School v. New Hampton School

6:45 Northfield Mount Hermon v. Belmont Hill School

7:30 Wilbraham and Monson v. Cheshire Academy

9:00 IMG HS v. Brooks


9:00 Kings Christian v. Ridley College

10:30 SPIRE v. Our Savior

12:00 London Basketball Academy v. Lee Academy

1:30 Knox School v. Millbrook School

3:00 Green Farms Academy v. Bradford Christian Academy

4:30 Gould v. Masters School

6:00 Lincoln Academy v. St. Luke’s

7:30 ND Prep v. Southwest Basketball Academy

9:00 PSA Prep v. Perkiomen School




9:30 Cheshire Academy v. Gould

11:00 Hotchkiss v. Dexter

12:30 Brimmer and May v. Northfield Mount Hermon

2:00 South Kent v. Worcester Academy

3:30 Cushing Academy v. Tilton School

5:00 Southwest Basketball Academy v. PSA Prep

6:30 Perkiomen School v. St Andrew’s


9:00 PSA Varsity v. Ridley College

10:30 Athletes Institute v. Lincoln Academy

12:00 IMG Prep v. Rocky Hill

1:30 Lawrence Academy v. Lee Academy

3:00 Tabor Academy v. Marianapolis Prep

4:30 Spire v. Knox School

6:00 ND Prep v. Our Savior will extensively cover the Zero Gravity Prep Classic and will have more information as it gets closer to the tournament.



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