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Introducing Friar Classics

Friar Classics

I’ve wanted to do this for a few years, but this is the right time for it.

Why now? For so long it felt as though Providence leaned too heavily on its history. The history of Providence basketball is certainly rich, but the past was all we had in the years leading up to Ed Cooley’s arrival on Smith Hill.

Cooley has been a revelation — a coach who returned home at the perfect time — with a president committed to athletic excellence, an athletic director who dreams bigger, state-of-the-art facilities, and a conference tailor-made for PC.

With four straight NCAA Tournament appearances under their belts and expectations high for 2017-18, the present is strong enough to allow Friartown to appreciate the past without longing for it. is building a video library of classic PC games, condensed to 12-15 minutes for long-time fans with a desire to take a look back, and younger fans interested in learning more about the school’s history.

These videos will be complemented by interviews with the players who provided life-long memories for Providence fans, and a separate Q&A with our resident Friar historian Craig Leighton. If there is a more passionate Friar fan than Craig, I haven’t met him.

Each video will be housed in our Video Vault under the header “Friar Classics” to allow PC fans to relive each of these games without having to sit down for two hours to do so.

In our first look back we remember the Big East Tournament Semifinals against Connecticut in 1994. The star of that semifinal, shooting guard Rob Phelps, spoke in great detail about his memories of that game, as PC upset #3 UConn and advanced to the conference championship for the first time in school history. That article is scheduled for early this week.

We look forward to bringing you more Friar Classics during the offseason and throughout the season as well.

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