Friar Basketball

A Look Around the 2nd April Live Period


A look at some of the recruiting action in the second live period of April.

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  1. Derec Lamenxola

    May 1, 2017 at 12:25 am

    Coach Cooley Derec Lamenola We Are Woking Geting Guyas Coning And We Are And Ed Cooley Shrd Get All.Black.Guyas Now.So.We.Can Be All.Good And.Ashton Langford Coming To Providence College And Ashton. Lamflord Coming And.Yes He IS And Ed Coooley Got.Get The Team.Redey GO And The Number 1So Senior IS.Gradwing This Weekend All.Redey iS May And.After That I Wont The Team.GO. Back.To.School.Becuaae We Got.Be Redey For Ashton Langford Coming

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