Friar Basketball

PC – Villanova Post Game Press Conferences


Here are the post game press conferences right after the PC -Villanova game:


  1. Derec

    February 2, 2017 at 3:51 am

    Providence Colllege Men’s Basketball GOT Get Back On The Wing Streek And Becusse We Every This Billding This Can’t Happpin Thery Know Were And Procidence Colllege Men’s Basketball Got Get To Work On Friday And We Got A BY Week Tommmerrrow And Than On Friday We Get Right Back AT I’m Am So Mad Right Know I Relae Hate Jay Wright That’s Is. NOT MY Team And Becuase That Proviidence College Frisrs Men’s Basketball IS Hurting Derec Lamendola Fillings And This NOT Happin TO US Nevery Ugen So What You Won’t Do Jay Wiright Sed That Thery DiD NOT Great Game Becuase Procidence Colllege Mens Basketball Got Come Back And I Innor Some One Tonight Becuase I Was TO Mad In My Section 120 That’s MY Section 120 And That’s Was Me And I Beter Get This Team Redey We Need Emmitt Holt Back I Know Inskely Why Becuase We Need Drew Ed Woords We Will See Villanonva Next Year NOT This Year I Don’t Won’t See Villanonva Playing Providence College This Can’t Happin a To Are Tram This IS. NOT Stil Rebling Year Bouther Away Jus That Providence Colllege Men’s Basketballl Has Beeter Team Right Now In This Legaue And Bdcuase I Won’t Derec Lamendola Friar Basketball Starting We Have To Win All This Year

  2. Nova

    February 2, 2017 at 4:52 am

    Yo “derec”, lay off the booze my man. I’m trying to laugh at you but cant understand what you’re even trying to say.

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