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Sports Talk Radio is Back for Friar Fans


One of the things I have missed most as a Friar fan the last few years has been the ability to listen to and talk PC basketball on a sports talk radio station. When 790 the Score in Providence signed off a few years ago there was really no other place to talk PC hoops on the radio. Well, good news Friar fans, there are now two places where you can talk PC hoops on the radio once again.

The first place features a couple of names that most Friar fans are very familiar with. John Rooke and Scott Cordicshi host a weekly sports talk show, GoLocal Sports, on Saturday mornings on WEEI 103.7fm between 7:00 and 9:00am. Both John and Scott do a great job of incorporating some PC basketball talk into their show every week and I am sure they will concentrate even more on PC hoops as the season approaches. Everyone should check them out this Saturday and don’t be shy, give them a call at 401-737-1287.

The GoLocal segment can also be found on demand as well.

The second place should be very familiar to all PC alums. WDOM 91.3 has a sports show every Wednesday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm and the gang there loves to talk PC hoops.

You can listen in on their live stream by going to and clicking on launch player about halfway down on the left hand side. PC Alums will be able to catch up on the latest in other PC sports that are in season as well. Please feel free to call in at 401-865-2091 and follow them at @StartTheFriars and @wdom913 on Twitter.

Hopefully if more PC basketball fans listen and call these two great radio shows we can build a couple of really nice forums for PC hoops.


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