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Pan American Games Schedule and Viewing

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The Pan American games kick off for Ed Cooley’s Team USA squad on July 31 at 11:30am against the Virgin Islands. Wednesday’s game marks the first of three consecutive days in which Team USA will take to the court.

Here is the schedule of games with how to watch:

Wednesday, July 31 vs. Virgin Islands at 11:30am (ESPN3)

Thursday, Aug. 1 vs. Venezuela at 10:oopm (ESPN3)

Friday, Aug. 2 vs. Puerto Rico at 10:00pm (ESPNU/ESPN Deportes)

In an update from the Big East, it was noted that Team USA defeated the Dominican Republic, 94-73, in a scrimmage on Monday. In the article Cooley noted, “We had some defensive breakdowns, but I love our intensity, our preparation, and I love our attention to detail.  The more we play, the better we get.”

Here are the rosters for every team in the tournament: 


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  1. Derec Lamendola

    July 31, 2019 at 2:47 pm

    Providence College Men’s Basketball Has TO Get Back In The Wight Room Right After This And This Ed Coooley And
    Derec Lamendola IS Doing A BIG Party Tonight And Becuaee iS August All Redey You Know That’s Meens And iS Aromst Time For The Seoasn All Reedey And Becusee I’m Jus Geting Redey For The Seoasn And I’ Los Wight Yesteday Tray Ges 154 That’s Good And Im Lusing Wight Becusee That’s Meens Im Am Going Do Good And Becusee I Can’t Wate For This Year And We Are Going TO Be Good This Year And Becusee I’m Am So Bone Redey And Becusee Derec Lamendola iS. PUMT UP We Need The Seoasn Tickies Holders Come In The Mall Erle And Summer Class Summerr Work OUTS Are All Dune Thing Omg You Know That’s Meens And iS Going Back TO School Soon And Pertasking Geting Redey For The Seoasn And Becusee Derec Lamemdola iS Redey And Were IS That

    Providence College Men’s Basketball PC Men’s Basketball Full Scheduile Coming OUT And Becusee I Domt See IT
    And Becusee We Need The New Full Scheduile Come OUT SO And We Need That New Cover Page For The Fershmin Class For This Year iS Greg Gannt Nate Waston Emmitt Holt Apliha Dallio Melek Wight Ed Cooley Kalif Young David Duke AJ Reeves We Need The New Cover Page For This Year SO I Say Lets Be Redey And Have A Good USA Team And And Do Your Best JOB For Derec Lamendola On The USA For Me And Have A Good HUMP Day Every One Providence College Men’s Basketball PC Men’s Basketball Has To Geting Redey And We Nedd That’s Full BIG East Scheduile Come OUT And We Nedd A Long Scheduile To Come OUT On The Providence College Men’s Basketball Website So Sownds Good We Nedd Providence College Men’s Basketball Be On The TV All The Time We Need TO Be Redey For That And I Won’t Providence College Msns Basketball Be On Tv And NBC 10 News Plerys

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