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Media Reports from Pan American Practice

Cooley Team USA

Practice has begun for the Pan American team, and some of the media was on hand today to speak with Ed Cooley and his team on PC’s campus.

In the clips below you will hear from Cooley (multiple interviews) and David Duke.

The most noteworthy topics to come out of today for Friar fans are that Luwane Pipkins is fighting through knee soreness and is questionable for the trip to Peru, while AJ Reeves is listed as an alternate, according to Big East Media’s John Fanta. The roster will include 12 players, with three alternates.

Reeves, Butler sniper Sean McDermott, and recent Georgetown graduate Greg Malinowski are the alternates, per Fanta. If Pipkins is replaced, then Cooley and his staff will have three knockdown shooters to choose from. Malinowski and McDermott would have the edge in terms of experience, and Cooley noted on several occasions today that USA would be much younger than their opponents. Reeves is a more well-rounded scorer than either McDermott or Malinowski, however.

One final note: both Cooley and Duke talked about how vocal Pipkins has been. Cooley loves how verbal the UMass transfer is already.

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  1. Derec Lamendola

    July 23, 2019 at 3:49 am

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