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Isaiah Jackson Steps Up in Friar Win

Diallo at Butler Seattle Times

Isaiah Jackson wasn’t on the floor during most of the critical final moments of regulation on Tuesday night in Indianapolis.

After an active first half that saw him score six points to go along with four rebounds, an assist, a pair of steals, and a block, Jackson was a non-factor for much of the second against Butler. He certainly wouldn’t have been the story of the game had Providence not blown a 58-51 lead with under two minutes left in regulation.

The Friars needed overtime to come away with a 73-67 road win, and it wouldn’t have happened without a healthy dose of Jackson in the extra session.

The senior scored his only points of the second half when he made both of his free throws with 18 seconds left in overtime to push PC ahead by three. Providence somehow lost Butler star Kamar Baldwin (27 points) on the ensuing possession, and he promptly buried a wide open three at the top of the key to tie the game. After Friar freshman David Duke missed a great look in the closing seconds it was off to overtime.

Jackson’s impact was immediate.

On Butler’s first possession of overtime, Jackson fell to the court as he battled through a pair of Bulldogs to help PC gather the rebound. On the ensuing possession he grabbed an offensive rebound and then dumped the ball into Nate Watson (21 points) for the first bucket of overtime.

Jackson aggressively denied Butler’s Jordan Tucker throughout the overtime session, and made the two biggest shots of the game in the final two minutes.

After Baldwin converted a PC turnover into a layup with 2:07 left in OT, Butler took its first lead of the overtime session. Makai Ashton-Langford pushed the pace after Baldwin’s score and found Jackson for a corner 3 early in the shot clock to put PC back ahead.

With just under 40 seconds remaining in overtime Providence led by two. The Friars were inbounding the ball 35 feet from the basket with just two seconds on the shot clock. Jackson was the inbounder, Butler chose not to guard him, so he inbounded the ball to Watson, got the ball immediately back, then swished a bomb as the shot clock expired.


Ed Cooley has received his share of criticism for an offense that has often stagnated this season, but he drew up three winning plays out of timeouts in the clutch.

In a one possession game with just over 30 seconds left in regulation, Providence set up an isolation play for Alpha Diallo that resulted in a layup late in the shot clock.

On the final possession of overtime, Duke set a screen for Diallo. Both defenders chased Diallo into the corner and Duke didn’t have a player within ten feet of him as he got the cleanest of looks in the closing seconds.

Then PC took advantage of Butler not covering an inbounding Jackson and got as good a look as they could have hoped for with two seconds on the shot clock in OT.

It was a game won by Providence’s veterans. Watson continues to ascend in his sophomore year, this time making 8-10 from the field and converting all five foul shots he took. Both Watson and Diallo were hampered by foul trouble in the second half, but like Watson, Diallo was efficient from the floor. Diallo made four of his seven field goal attempts.

Jackson’s two 3-pointers in overtime accounted for nearly half of Providence’s total for the game. The Friars finished 5-25 from 3, which included Kalif Young’s first 3-pointer of the season — a step back as the shot clock expired in the first half. The Friar starters combined to shoot 1-15 from deep.

Providence also got a lift from Makai Ashton-Langford, who came off the bench to grab six boards, to go along with four assists, seven points, a steal, and a block.

Cooley has to be happy with a defensive effort that resulted in Butler shooting below 32% from the field and making just 6-24 from deep.

With the win, Providence improves to 16-13 on the season and 6-10 in the Big East, while Butler’s NCAA tournament resume took a big hit with the loss. They are now 6-9 in conference play and 15-13 overall.

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  1. Wally

    February 27, 2019 at 2:45 pm

    Watching the Friars play is always a challenge. They can look so good and look so bad within seconds. Last night was typical but they won and that’s all that counts. They really played hard and Watson made some quick and aggressive moves. Moved the ball around, Langford’s best game for sure. Concerned about Duke and his turnovers and decision making. On offense he definitely needs to get his MoJo going: plays with no confidence at all. Got to get him right!! GOFRIARSBABY!!!

  2. Derec Lamendola

    February 27, 2019 at 3:24 pm

    I Think That Makai Ashton Langford Might Saty Ndxt Yesr And Becuaee He iS And Becuaee Lets NOT Woerie About
    Next Year Yet And Lets Worrie About This Year And Geting Dune And Becuaee Providence College Men’s Basketball
    I Womt Cradlagutions To Isiah Jackson For His 3 Years With The Providence College And His Senior Night iS Next
    Saturday AT 12:00 Pm SO Let’s Get On The Road Very Erle Becuaee IS Senior Night So And We Nedd To Get Thery
    Very Erle Isiah Isisiah Jackson His Last Home Game And I Don’t Won’t Say That Last Home Game And Becusee Do
    You Won’t Win OR What And Becuaee Makai Ashton Langfrod IS Doing Very Well Now We Have TO Get IT Going
    And Becuaee I Watach Makai Ashton Langfrod Last Night Unbelievable Pass Last Night Unbelievable In The Providence College Men’s Basketball In A Over Time And Lets Figer IT OUT Do You GOT TO Undertsan Me Come On

    Providence College Men’s Basketball Needs To Get IT Toghetr And Start Wing Thery BIG East Games Now And Now
    This A TUF BIG East Conference Ed Coooley Sed This BIG East Conference iS Very TUFF You Know And We Have We Have A Brake For A Wal So Thery Can GO Back To School Thursday Friday Saturday Pertasking Sunday Pertasking Ed Cooley Coschis Show Sunday AT 11:30 PM And Than School On Monday March 4 And The Ed Cooley Rosdow Show March 4 6 7 Addi Warwick And Than Tuesday On The Road Geting Redey For Crighton Bule Jays
    On Wedensday Night And Becusee We Beddter Do Something Makai Ashton Langfrod And Becuaee I Womt Makai Ashton Langford To Stay Nether 5 Years In College His Junior Yesr And Than Senior Yesr And GO Back To Grad School Get Your Grad School And Come On And I Jus Won’t Say 1 Thing To Ed Cooley Cradlagutions TO MY Man Ed Cooley With Tim Welsh And Cradlagutions MY Man Ed Cooley IS Now With Time Welsh Thing Omg And We Need

    The Friar Basketball Derec Lamemdola Starting 5 This Yesr And And What Happin To That And Becusee I’m Thery
    Number 1 Friar Fan And Becuaee Friar Baaketball Shrd Do Friar Starting 5 Derec Lamemdola We Need Derec Lamemdola In That Ferking Locker Room Nsxt Saturday The “Last Home Game And We Need Derec Lamemdola To PUMT UP The All Team Next Saturday And Becusee I Won’t Say Something To The All Team And Becuaee I Won’t
    To Say Something In Thery Locker Room And Ed Cooley WIll You Purt Derec Lamemdola In The Locker Room Next Saturday Becuaee I Won’t Say Something To The All Team And Give Them A Iespeach And I Won’t Say Seomthjng And Becusee I Won’t To Wnd Becuaee Ashton Langfrod Good JOB Last Night Becuaee We Nedd To Start Wing Are BIG East Conference And Becusee We Have To Talk To The ESPN People And The Coschis SO Providencce College Men’s Basketball Can Win The BIG East Conference And Now Lsing This BIG News I Jus Forwr OUT Last Night And

    Providence College Men’s Basketball In The Frist Awrond WIll Be Providence College Men’s Basketball Buttler AT 9:30
    Pm And Do You Know That Day iS And Becusee Dus Every One Know When IS And Providence College Men’s Basketball GOT Be On That Thursday Night And SO I Won’t GO To New York This Year In That BIG Appl In The Madison Sqwere Garding And Becusee I Won’t GO UP Thery Some One Got To Pick UP So We Can GO UP Thery Becusee Derec Lamendola DiDNIT GO Last Year Becusee I DINDT Have Know Ride Last Yesr Becuaee I Say Now This Year I Won’t GO UP Thery And Get On The Madison. Sqwere Garding And Becusee I Won’t To Be On The Jumbotron AT The Masdion Sqwere Garding AT Thery Place And Providence College Men’s Basketball Has TO Win Thery BIG East Conference And Providence College Men’s Basketball Has To Win The BIG East Tourmment You Know. I Meen And I Won’t Come In That Locker Room BY Next Saturday And Say Something What Happin To That Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom

    Providence College Derec Lamemdola Needs To GO To The Locker Room Next Saturday And I Womt Do Something
    For The All Team And iS A Supize Don’t Say 1 Word Understand Me And I Won’t GO In That Locker Room And Say Something TO Makai Ashton Langfrod The All Team And Providence College Men’s Basketball Needs Derec Lamemdola Needs To Get On The Jumbotron On Senior Night With Isisiah Jacksion Get A Hear Cut Next Week For Senior Night IS Family Weekend SO Be Redey That WIll Be Huge Jamed Sell OUT Right Thery And Becuaee This The Last One I’m Seeing Makai Ashton Langfrod All Family Next Saturday I GOT See Makai Ashton Langfrod His All Family Next Saturday I GOT Have To And I Won’t Ed Cooley To Save Derec Lamemdola Plerys For The BIG Tourmment And We Won That Stage And We Are Going To Do IT Ugen See You Afternoon GO Frisrs And I Talk To The BIG East Conference Guy And I Won’t Grffin Cay Come To Providence College AT The Dunk Next Saturday I Won’t Patrice Wood Come Next Saturday And I Won’t Dann Jeahing Come To See You Next Saturday GO Friars Providence College Men’s Basketball Has To Win Ugenst Crighton Next Wedensday Night We Have To Win That 2

  3. Derec Lamendola

    March 7, 2019 at 5:38 am

    Providence College Men’s Baskstball Beedter Get Thery SHIT Redey For Tommerrrow Pertasking And Becuaee
    I Was NOT A Good Mood Tonight And I Haven’t Seen You Long Time And What You Been Doing And I WIll See Every One On Saturday WIll Be Jamed And Know One Talk To Me And I Jus Won’t Talk To Ed Cooley And MY Team Mates On Saturday And What IS Going On With My Team This Year And Becuaee Why Are We In The Last Place Right Now And Like Come On Friar Baaketball We Are Hear Do Something And
    I Think That Ed Cooley Needs TO Purt His SHIT Toghter Tommerrrow And Start Wing Games This Home Games We Have To Win And Becuaee We Are A Beedter Team And Derec Lamendola Shrd GO Talk TO The Team On Saturday And Becusee I Shrd So I Can Say Something On Saturday You Know I Meen Ed Coooley

    And I Think That The Provdence College Men’s Basketball Head Coach Ed Cooley GOT To Lern How Purt In The Best Players In That Ferking Game And What’s IS Going On With MY Bouther Inlo Makai Ashton Langfrod What’s Going On Him Something And Becusee Something IS Going On With MY Bouther Inlo Makai Ashton Langfrod And We Need To Get Him Going And Do Something Hear And Becusee We Need To Get The Team All Selduled AT The Omaha Hotel And We Need To Do Something How iS Makai Ashton Langfrod DAD He Going See This Tommerrrow And Becusee I Crd Be All Pissed And I WIll Be And I’m Am NOT Happy About This And Tonight I Was NOT A Good Mood Tonight And Becuaee I Shrd Be ALOT Beddter And Lets Move On And Can We Win Games Now And Becuaee This Geting SO Reladckiles You Know I Meeen Like Makai Ashton Langfrod GOT Do Something And Come On Now,

    Providence College Men’s Basketball Shrd Get The Number 1 Fan Derec Lamemdola In The Ferking Locker Room And Say Something On Saturday And I Won’t Give Them A Talk To Makai Ashton Langfrod What’s IS Going On With Makai Ashton Langfrod IS Dune And The BIG East Conference Stanings Are All Dune Now Who Ferking Cars What Thery Are In Right Now Tommerrrow I WIll Be Good And Becusee I’m Am NOT Mad And I’m Am NOT Pissed And I’m Am Am NOT Pissed OFF I’m Am All Dune I’m Am Staying Cool,And Derec Lamemdola GOT Relaix And Com Down And ThanI WIll See You All On Saturday WIll Be Jamed SO Be Safe AT Providence College Men’s Basketball Lets Get HOT On Saturday IF We Win On Saturday Well See What’s Going Happin And Ed Coooley GOT Say Something After So IS Family Weekend So I WIll See You All In New York I WIll See You All Madison Sqwere Garding GO Friars

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