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Xavier at PC Xavier Athletics

A roundup of the weekend that was in Providence and the Big East…

The Friars had maybe their worst effort of the season in a 75-61 loss to Xavier. They were outscored by 20 points in the second half.

Ian Steele provided a glimpse of Ed Cooley’s press conference. The coach said he was “stunned.”

Here is the entire presser from Brendan McGair, as well as McGair’s game story.

Kevin McNamara summed this one up perfectly. with a look at the challenges establishing a rotation this year.

There were dunks on Saturday. Lots and lots of Xavier dunks.

Never been a fan of booing college teams.

Apparently, “road kill” is a thing in Ohio.

Xavier’s Tyrique Jones was a force in Saturday’s win. He is a Connecticut native who played prep ball at Vermont Academy. Jones teamed with Bruce Brown to win the NEPSAC AA title, defeating a Cushing Academy group that featured Friar point guard Makai Ashton-Langford.

FoxSports produced a powerful segment on Jones and how he rebounded from losing his father at age four.

Kris Dunn still has love for the Friars, while Bryce Cotton stars in Australia.

St. John’s came back from 19 down to defeat Villanova Sunday night. It was the Johnnies’ first win over Nova at MSG since 2002.

Cooley spoke on the Big East and its future after PC played at St. John’s last weekend.


  1. Derec Lamendola

    February 18, 2019 at 9:39 pm

    Providence College Men’s Baaketball Providence College Men’s Baaketball Friar Baaketball Shrd Say Something And
    We Shrd Do Something Becusee I’m , Am Redey For Wedensday Night Game BIG Game And Becusee I’m Am Going
    On Wednesday Night Becuaee I’m Am All Redey GO And I Was Sleeping Today Jus Relaxing And Jus Geting Redey
    For Wedensday Night Game BIG Game On Wedensday Night Providence College Men’s Basketball Has To Do

    Something This BIg East Conference Tourmment You Know I Meeen And How IS Providence College Men’s Basketball Pertasking Today Ennething New And Bscusee This IS College Basketball You Know I Meeen And
    Ennething On Makai Ashton Langfrod
    Today Ennething New And Becusee We Have To Be Redey For Wedensday Night Game AT 8:30 Game I’m Redey

    Providence Collge Men’s Basketball Has Need Derec Lamemdola I’n That Provdidence College Men’s Basketball Locker Room And Derec Lamemdola Shrd PUMT UP The All Team In That Providence College Locker Room What You Think And Becuaee How iS Makai Ashton Langfrod Doing And Becuaee Now We All Good Now Barth Away And Becuaee I’m Am All Good I Won’t Providence College Make The BIG East Conference Tourmment And Becusee Every One iS Beeen Teling Me That PC IS NOT Making Eenney Tourmment Becuaee I Think That Providence College Men’s Basketball IS Going Make The Ferking Tourmment And Win The Tourmment SO How IS Everthing Ennething New You Think That Providence College Makai Ashton Langford All Set And Becusee We Need Full Cwred On Wedensday a Night BIG East Conference Match UP With ST Jon’s I WIll See Every One Thery AT The Dunk On Wedensday Night

  2. Wally

    February 19, 2019 at 1:37 am

    Coach Cooley was stunned after Saturday’s loss to X!! I was there. The crowd left like a bunch of Zombies!!! They deserved more, lot more!!! Get some freeken energy please!!!! GOFRIARS!!!

  3. Derec Lamendola

    February 19, 2019 at 4:02 am

    You Are SO Right And I Know I Think That Providence College Men’s Basketball Ed Cooley Needs To Do Something
    And Becusee He Dus Ed Coooley IS Ferking Man And I Won’t PUMT UP The All Team In That Locker Room SO We
    Can Do Something You Know And Becusee Ed Cooley Was Coaching Pertkasing Today And Becusee We Need To Do Something And Play ALOT Makai Ashton Langfrod Becusee We Womt Makai Ashton Langfrod Be A Ferking Point Gard And Becuaee Ed Cooley Has To Get His SHIT Toghter You Know I Meeen And Becusee I Think That Ed Cooley Has To Cosch Well And Get Redey For Wedensday BIG Night Game And Becuaee Providence College Men’s Basketball Has TO All Cwerd AT The Dunk On Wedensday Night And Saturday SO Ed Cooley Derec Lamemdola We Are In The Buddy STEPS On This Saturday PC Family Weekend Becuaee Ed Cooley Do Be Me Favier Plerys Win The All Thing This BIG East Plerys Can You Do That For Me Ed Cooley Like Come On Now Ed Cooley Plerys Hear

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