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Video: Every Made FG vs. DePaul

Nate Watson dunking

Providence won its second straight game on Sunday with a 70-67 victory over DePaul. Alpha Diallo led PC with 20 points and nine rebounds (14-14 at the FT line), and Nate Watson dominated the second half, scoring 12 of his 14 points in the final 20 minutes.

Drew Edwards (13 points) once again brought poise, and freshman AJ Reeves made three 3-pointers in the first half in his return to the lineup.

I will have more on this game tomorrow morning, but for now here is every made field goal for the Friars.

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  1. Derec Lamendola

    January 28, 2019 at 4:17 am

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    Providence College Men’s Basketball Friar Baaketball Has To Keep Peetasking Keep Ferking Going And Lets Do Something And Providence College Men’s Basketball We Need Do Something Ferking Do Something And Plerys Do Something And Providence College Men’s Basketball Makai Ashton Langfrod Geting Beddter And Start In The Ferking Line UP Makai Ashton Langfrod You Know Why Who’s Pissed Me OFF I Won’t Makai Ashton Langfrod To Start In The Ferking Line UP And Plerys Do Something And Win Your BIG East Conference Games Do You Undertsan Me MakI Ashton Langfrod I Talk TO MY Man Ed Cooley Today I Sed Do Your JOB And LETSGOOOOOOOOOOOOO And Do Something And Some Gauy Was Yerling And Skerming OFF To His Section Today I Crd NOT Stand That Gauy And Becusee Derec Lamemdola Was Traing Watch The Ferking Game He Dus NOT Know The Plerys And He Dus NOT Know Ed Cooley And Becusee Derec Lamemdola Know The All Pleryas And Thery Come All MY House All The Time And I Know Ed Cooley To Has Well And MY Man SO Ed Cooley Plerys Do MY Ferking Plays Win This Year Hear Now

    Providence College Men’s Basketball Providence College Men’s Baaketball Friar Baaketball Cradlagutions And Now We Are In The 4 Place And Thing Omg And Derec Lamemdola IS Going To New Jersey And Becusee I’m Am Watching The Providence College Coach Show With Ed Cooley I Don’t See Derec Lamemdola!im The Coschis Show What Ferking Happin Come On Get Me On Coschis Show And Derec Lamendola Was On Tellvies Today And Becusee I Was On The Jumbotron Unbelievable Unbelievable And I’m In The Tuniel All Time TO Has Well Derec Lamendola Has Get The Pleryas PUMT UP And Provicence College Basketball Beddter Win Wedensday Night AT 7:00 And Makai Ashton Langfrod Good JOB And We Need To Do Something Makai Ashton Langfrod I Won’t Kalif Young To Start In. The Ferking Line UP This Who Shrd Start Makai Ashton Langfrod Nate Watson Kalif Young Isiah Jackson Malik Wight

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