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Iona Press Conference

Cooley Iona Presser

Ed Cooley, Alpha Diallo, Nate Watson, and AJ Reeves meet with the media following Providence’s 91-79 win over Iona.

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  1. Derec Lamendola

    November 25, 2018 at 4:29 am

    Providence College Men’s Basketball I GOT BIG News DiD You Know That Makai Ashton Langford IS Lefving This End The Seaosn And He Might Transford And Like I Won’t Makai Ashton Langford Stay AT Providence College You Know Why Makai Ashton Langford iS Lefving This End The Seoasn Every One iS Talking SMACK To Makai,Ashton Langford All Bad STUFF And I’m Am NOT Happy That. All Derec Lamendola iS Angery I’m Mad And Becusee I’m Am I Am Resskping Makai Ashton Langford And His Family His All Family And And Becuaee Makai Ashton Langfrod Has To Play ALOT And And Every One Talking SMACK And Talking TRATCH TO Makai Ashton Langford And Makai Ashton Langford Has A Siister And I Love Makai Ashton Langfrod Siister And Becuaee And His All Family And Bscusee Derec Lamendola WIll Sad Becuaee I’m Am The Number 1 Friar Fan And I Know The All Team Becusee Come On And I’m Mad And I Won’t Makai Ashton Langford Play ALOT This His Year And His Sophomore Year AT Providence College You Know And Every One IS Saying Send Him Back To Worscter Masschettusse DiD You Know I Sed Know He IS NOT Lefving And He iS A Good Player AT Providence And I Love Makai Ashton Langford All Family And His Siister To And Come On And I Haven’t Seen Makai Ashton Langford Family Today And Thery Perble,Swish Section I Don’t Know I Haven’t Seen Them And I Won’t Talk To Makai Ashton Langford On Tuesday Njght And Becuaee I Jus Won’t Talk To Him Has Persniel And Providence College Men’s Baaketball I Won’t Makai Ashton Langfrod Emmitt Holt Isiah Jackson Kalif Young And All Your BiG Guays And Get Makai Ashton Langfrod To Play ALOT And Providence College Men’s Baaketball Has TO Pertkasing Tommerrrow Sunday Pertkasing Monday School, And Than Perastking And Tuesday Know School Jus GO AT The Dunk Jus Get Redey Plerys I Don’t Won’t :Makai Ashton Langfrod TO Lefving This His Sophomore Junior Senior All 4 Years Stay Providence College Plerys Don’t Makai Ashton Langford Derec Lamendola WIll Be Sad And I Squited MakI Ashton Langfrod Last Year And Has. A Fershmin And His Sophomore Year Come Be Imsho And Start Playing ALOT Plerys I’m Going To Talk To Your All Family Next Tuesday Night I’m Coming Erle And Ed Cooley Get TO Work Start Doing Derec Lamendola Plerys

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