Friar Basketball

Kris Dunn Shoulder Injury


This upcoming year marks one of the most highly anticipated season’s in recent PC basketball history. Today, the apparent rumors surrounding Kris Dunn’s shoulder injury became closer to fact than rumor. The Providence Journal reported Monday morning that Dunn injured his shoulder while training with the U18 USA Basketball team in Colorado. Later in the day, CBS Sports confirmed with Ed Cooley, who remarked “I’ have no reaction at all right now.” He continued: “His shoulder is hurting, so right now we’re having him looked at by doctors and we should know what’s [wrong] by the end of the week. For now, we’re having an MRI done.”

This news of Dunn’s injury presents a pretty significant blow to the excitement surrounding next year’s squad. With Ricky Ledo’s eligibility issue still looming, it has been Kris Dunn’s availability that Friar fans have been able to bank on. With his situation now in question, it is possible that PC could be without their two highly touted recruits when the season begins. Despite the news of Dunn’s shoulder injury, Cooley told GoLocalProv that “It’s nothing to be alarmed about.  We’ll get through it.” While Cooley’s words are encouraging, Friar fans will still be on the edge of their seats as they await the results from Dunn’s upcoming MRI. With news likely not coming until after weeks end, all we can do is hope that Kris Dunn will be okay.

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