Friar Basketball

Creighton Postgame Press Conferences

Cooley CU Presser

Hear from Providence head coach Ed Cooley and Creighton’s Greg McDermott following the Jays’ 78-74 win over the Friars.

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  1. Derec Lamendola

    January 19, 2020 at 3:31 am

    Providence College Mens Basketball Frisrs mens Basketball and PC Mens Basketball Needs to Working and start Geting going and We Need to Start Doing Something Like Team Work and
    PC Mens Basketball Frisrs Mens Basketball We Need To Step UP Are Game and Start Doing Something When i Came home i was So Mad we jus didnt Have IT and i wont providence College Mens Basketball to win the BIG East Conference tournament this year and is All were Next Weeek and Becusee i think that PC Mens Basketball Has TO Get All FERD UP And Start Doing Something and we Are back to Work AT New Jerze and Becuae Thats We Are And So Lets Get this Going and We Need To Start Talking The Coach and Start Wing Your Game and Providnece College Mens Basketball Has TO Win The Ferking Game Thery BIG East Conference

    Providence College Mens Basketball has to figer this out and Derec Lamendola is not barthing the Players right now and becusee thery got alot going on now and this thery Time OF The Year so Im am Good snd im Am All Cool and Becusee who Cars and i dont Care what Ferking PC. IS Doing Right Now

    Providnece College Mens Basketball
    PC Mens Basketball Friar Basketball
    Providence College Mens Basketball Win Your BIG East Conference i Meen come on Now get reday and Start Waking up this yesr and This year is Alpiha Kalif Emmitt Malik This Thery year and Thery Are Lefving us and so i Wont Ed Cooley MY Man Get back on Twter and get this going and Becusee that tommerrrow is Back To Work back to Parasking tommerrrow and providnece College Mens Basketball has know school on Monday becusee thery Got Alot Work to Do And Tueadsy And Geting reday for next Wednesday so come on Now

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