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Twitter Reactions: Ed Cooley Signs Extension at PC

Cooley UNC Presser

Concluding what was the longest 24 hours in recent program memory, Providence and head coach Ed Cooley came to an agreement on an extension a day after reports broke that Cooley was a top candidate for the Michigan job.

Here is some of the reaction across Twitter:



  1. Derec Lamendola

    May 22, 2019 at 4:02 am

    Providence. College Men’s Basketball Cradlagutions To Ed Cooley On Staying Home And That’s He Needs And Thing
    Omg IS About Time To Saty Home And Becusee He IS Satying Home Derec Lamemdola Love Ed Cooley And I GO TO Ed Cooley Coschis House All The Time Like Chrismatis Party And Becuaee That’s IS Unbelievable And I Won’t Ed Cooley To Stay AT Providence College And Becusee I Won’t Ed Cooley To Stay Has Longer And Longer AT Providence Colllege Men’s Basketball And Becuaee I Won’t Him To Stay And Unbelievable Good Move Ed Cooley.
    And Unbelievable And Tommerrrow iS Wedensday All Day Lomg Ugen And Nether Wedensday And I Hard About Providence College Men’s Basketball Works OUTS And Becusee I Hard About That And Becuaee I’m Am Redey For The Nether Seoasn All Redey I’m Am Wating For Seoasn Tickies And We Need The New Scheduile And New Roscter

    Providence College Men’s Basketball Ed Cooley Shrd Get DaMarr Langford Junior And Becuaee What You Think About That We Need DaMarrr Langford Junior And Becusee I Womt Squart DaMarrr Langford Junior Come To Providence College Men’s Basketball And Derec Lamendola iS Having A BIG Tuesday Night Partying Tonight Becusee Ed Cooley iS Home And Becusee Ed Cooley Derec Lamendola Was Geting Woried And Plerys Don’t Do That’ Ugen And Becusee Don’t Do That Ed Cooley And That’s Serks Me And Every One And Derec Lamendola Was Geting Woried And Becusee I Was And Becusee This IS Ed Cooley 10 Year Conttrack And I Womt YOU To Stay Home And Becusee Ed Cooley Remeber You Pick UP A Point Gard Form UMAZ Providence College Men’s Basketball Lauwace Piipicks That’s Him You Jus Pick UP And Becusee Don’t Leffe And Ed Cooley Plerys Don’t And Ed Cooley I GOT A

    Question IF You Lefving Providence College Men’s Basketball I WIll Come With You And How IS That Sownds And Sowmds Like A Plan Thing Omg And Becusee Now Derec Lamendola iS Now Happy And I’m Am SO Extied,That MY Man Ed Cooley iS Satying AT Provdence College Men’s Basketball Good Move Ed Coooley And Derec Lamendola iS Partying And Becusee I’m So Extied Don’t Do This To Me Ed Cooley Why On The News And Becusee I Won’t Ed Cooley To Be On NBC 10 News And I Won’t Him To Speek UP Cradlagutions TO My Man Ed Cooley And Good Move Are We Redey For Works OUTS And Becusee I’m Am Redey Right Sownds Good Ed Cooley Get To Work And Becusee We Need To Figer This OUT And Have A Good Week We Need DaMarr Langford Junior Come To Peovidence College Men’s Basketball And I Won’t Dammarr Langford Junior Come To Providence College Men’s Basketball And We Need DaMarr Langford Junior To Come To Visted Providence College Plerys And Think You And

    Derec Lamendola iS Repoing This To Dan Jeahing Patrice Wood Frank Carpano NBC 10 News Ed Cooley iS Satying
    Home And I Won’t This Report This Tommerrrow And Ed Cooley Won His BIG East Tourmment Championship Sents 2014 The BIG East Championship And Becusee He DiD On His One And I Remeber Ed Cooley Wax UP Set About Villanova Remeber That And Relae UP Set And Becusee That’s NOT Good Undertsan And Becusee Now Derec Lamemdola iS Now Happy That Ed Coooley iS Satying Providence College Men’s Basketball And MY Man Ed Cooley Cradlagutions And I Hard That MY Man Ed Cooley IS Satying Home In East Greenwich And Becusee He GOT A BIG House You Know iS Relae BIG House Derec Lamendola IS Satying UP Late Ugen Tonight AT 12:30 And Becusee I’m Am Celebrating For Ed Cooley Tonight And Bscusee I’m Am Doing This For Him Cradlagutions Ed Cooley And

    Weoclme Home MY Man Ed Cooley Can You Plerys Win Your BIG East Conference Games Ugen In New York Madison Sqwere Garding This Year 2019 2020 And Becusee Derec Lamemdola DiDNIT GO That All This Year And Becusee I Won’t GO UP To New York For The BIG East Conference Tourmment Weoleme Home Ed Cooley And This Guay Lauwance Pippinks Looks Likd Kenyon Cartwright I Won’t Lawrence Pipkins Get Number 24 And Becusee Ed Cooley Needs To Get All Black Gauys BIG Guays SO We Can Be Relae Good And SO We Can Win Ugenst Number 1 Team And Providence College Men’s Basketball Ed Cooley Shrd Get 8 Feet Tol And All BIGER Guays Come TO Providence College Men’s Basketball Welcome Home Have A Good Wedensday HUMP Day And Get Back To Work Ed Cooley Sowmds Good See You AT Providence College Men’s Basketball Plerys Get DaMarr Langfrod JR For Me

  2. Irish Spectre

    June 4, 2019 at 11:53 am

    Ed Cooley demonstrably views his role as encompassing far more than that of a mere coach of athletes; he is a mentor, a friend and a father, and as such, he represents the college with great dignity and class. Simply put, Coach Cooley is a gift.

    …looking forward to ’19 – ’20; Go Friars.

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