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Ed Cooley Butler Press Conference


Following his team’s third straight conference win, Ed Cooley is joined by Kyron Cartwright and Kalif Young at the post game press conference.

Cooley and his players talk about the game, but get truly emotional when asked about the return to campus of Emmitt Holt.


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  1. Derec Lamemdola

    January 16, 2018 at 2:50 am

    Providence College Men’s Basketball Get Redey Caradlgutiins Jalien Lindsey Good Game And Wecoleme Back Emmitt Holt We Need Emmitt Holt Come Back I Don’t Wont Emmitt Holt Come Baxk Nsxt Year And I Won’t WORIE About This Year And We Need Makai Ashton Langford Start Playing Games Had Beeter Start Wing You Beeter Purt Derec Lamemdola On The Tv Tommerrow Wedensday Thursday Friday
    Providence College Men’s Basketball Has School Tommmerrow Moring And Providence College Men’s Basketball Has Pertkias Tommerow AT 1:00 And School Wedensday And Pertkias At 1:00 And KNOW Schoool On Thursday Friday Becuase We Got Pertkias Thursday Friday Know School Becuase Ed Cooley Has TO Keeep Going

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