Friar Basketball

PC- Xavier Post Game Press Conferences


Here are the post game press conferences from Ed Cooley and Chris Mack following the Friar victory over Xavier University:


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  1. Derec

    February 16, 2017 at 4:32 am

    Providence College Men’s. Basketball Has To Win All Thery Games In The BIG East And Becusse
    We Have To Do We Got Get Storng And Do Somthing Providence College Men’s Basketball Friars Has To Start Wing Thery Games Now Becuase This Geting Redckleris We Have To Win Out And Do Somthing That’s Was Derec Lamendola On The Jumbotron I Won’t Be On The Madasion Sqaere Garding The Jumbotron I Won’t To So Bad
    And Becuase I’m Redey For This Tommmerrrow
    Thursday Know Pertkias Tommmerrrow Jus Rexing Tommmerrrow Go Watch Some Filmm And Do
    Derec Lamendola Plerys Tommmmerrrrow And On Friday Know Pertkias Same Thing And Do Figer Out What We Can Do And Saturday We Are Back AT IT in Pertkias Alumna Hall To Get Redey For Omhmha On Weddnsday February 22 And SO Get Redey For Them Coach Coooley Needs TO Talk To. Derec Lamendola About His Plays And Get The Team Going I Don’t Won’t Coach Coooley To Speek To His Love Wife Becuase I Won’t Coach Cooley Stay VOKIS And His Teammate And Get Redey Undertsan Lsing Providence College Men’s Basketball IS NOtT A Rebiling Becusse Providence Colllege Has To Win Oiut This Year Ware Derec Lamendola Starting Friar Basketball

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