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10 Questions with Jared Wilson-Frame

Providence College recently offered Jared Wilson-Frame, a 6’5 SG from Windsor, CT. One of the best players in Connecticut the past two years, many Friar fans will remember him from the New London-Windsor games during Kris Dunn’s senior year. He is currently playing for the undefeated Expressions Elite AAU team in the EYBL NIKE League and is taking his game to a new level this spring. Jared graciously agreed to answer a few questions on his game and recruitment.

Q. CL: How is the AAU season going for you so far? Your Expressions Elite team is taking no prisoners in the EYBL.

A. JWF: This AAU season has gotten off to a great start as many know, and as far as being undefeated, it’s not something I would say is a surprise to us. We all play hard and are unselfish and fight for one another. Every game is another battle to win the war in the end which is Peach Jam.

Q. CL: I’ve seen you listed several times as being either in the class of 2014 or the class of 2015. With you going to prep school next year what class will you be in?

A. JWF: My plans are to go prep next year, and I will be in the class if 2015.

Q. CL: Have you made any decisions on where you will be playing next year?

A. JWF: Not in particular at this time.

Q. CL: What are your impressions of Coach Cooley and the rest of the Providence staff?

A. JWF: I’ve really only had face to face contact with Coach Cooley and Coach LaFleur and they’re both very well respected men and give off a good vibe. They’re really easy to talk to and cool. I can relate to a lot of their players with ease. I like them.

Q. CL: I saw that Kris Dunn recently tweeted his congratulations on the PC offer. Would playing on the same team in college as Kris be something that would interest you?

A. JWF: Well, as some know, Kris and I played for the same AAU program before be went off to PC (CBC), so playing with him In college would great. Playing with someone who you always looked up to as a mentor and leader is a great opportunity. He’s always been there for me if I need a guy to talk to. Again, it would be a great opportunity.

Q. CL: Any other players on PC that you are familiar with?

A. JWF: (Bryce) Cotton and (Vincent) Council, along with Kris, are two of my favorite competitors on the collegiate level, and I’ve seen Ricky (Ledo) play on several occasions. I saw him for the first time when I was 13 years old when he played with Khem Birch on Expressions. His game is smooth and he’s fearless. I like him a lot.

Q. CL: Besides Providence what other teams are you hearing from the most?

A. JWF: Other schools I’m hearing from include Uconn, St. Johns, St. Joes, Marquette, and Virginia Tech.

Q. CL: What player do most people think that you resemble on the court?

A. JWF: In the Connecticut public school league I play in I get compared to a Lebron-like player for how I stuff the stat sheet. I averaged 7 assists and 8 rebounds along with 20 points this past season.

Q. CL: What do you consider your strengths on the basketball court right now and what do you feel that you still need to work on?

A. JWF: My strengths right now are shooting, defense, attacking the basket and finishing in traffic. Using my size and strength over other guards is a big part of my game. My ball handling in pressure situations has been on a serious upswing thanks to hard work in the gym. Things I’m still working on are ball handling under pressure, not taking plays off, and not settling for my jump shot so much.

Q. CL: You recently visited the PC campus. Is playing for a high major school on a smaller campus something that might be appealing to you?

A. JWF: The size of a campus is not a major factor in looking at going to a certain school. If the campus looks nice to me, and the environment is a home-like family feel, I’ll be great. I come from a small town in a small neighborhood and I like it, so the big glam campus is nice, but I’m not specifically looking for that. As long as I’m playing high major basketball I’m good.

* * *

I would like to thank Jared for taking the time to answer a few questions for Perhaps in a couple of years we will see him in a Friar uniform. He seems like the type of person and player that Friar fans would like to see representing their program and their school.

Here is a mixtape of Jared courtesy of NBBSquad:

And an interview courtesy of Cox Sports:


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