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Recap of First Coach’s Show on WEEI


The first coach’s show took place at Coal Fired Pizza on Westminster St. in Providence.  Here are some highlights from the show.

  1. Coach Cooley rated the efficiency and chemistry from last Saturday’s game against Assumption a B minus.  Conversely, he gave last year’s game an F minus.
  2. This coming Saturday Cooley said the goal against Rhode Island College is to continue to improve, with a goal of playing their best basketball in the final two weeks of February.
  3. John Rooke asked the coach what is the one thing that he knows now about PC and the basketball program that he did not know one year ago when he took the job. Cooley said he did not realize how tight knit the PC community and family really is.
  4. Vincent Council was the player guest on the show.  Coach Cooley reiterated he is the best point guard in the country, while Vince noted that expectations this year are to play in the post season, lead the nation in assists,  and help make his teammates better.  Vince said he does not need to score as much this year with Josh Fortune on the team and the improvement of Kadeem Batts.  He said that he has improved the most this offseason with his speed and endurance, while Cooley added “when we have to have a basketball is when we need Vince the most.”
  5. Cooley shared thoughts on various players, calling LaDontae Henton a “dog” when talking about his edginess. Henton should look to improve upon not turning the ball over according to the coach.  Cooley touched on Cotton’s improved decision-making and ball handling, while making his case for him as the most improved player in the Big East last season.  He believes Kadeem Batts will be one of the most improved players in the Big East, yet will need to continue to improve shot selection and defense.  Josh Fortune is learning the physicality of playing in the Big East and the intensity of practice, and has a chance to be a special player.  Brice Kofane has had a good preseason, the concern is always with his strength.  Cooley wants Lee Goldsbrough to play more confidently when on the court, and he believes Sidiki Johnson has had a really good preseason.  Johnson is a very good rebounder, according to the coach, with good hands.  “He gives us the size we need underneath,” said Cooley.  Kris Dunn is progressing well,  participating in a lot of shooting drills in practice with no contact yet. Dunn will not play until he is 100% healthy.  Ricky Ledo is doing a great job, very happy to be in school, and the coach said he couldn’t be more proud of him. People don’t know who Ledo really is according to Cooley.


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